Testimonials - vickicairnsphotography


As with all companies I can tell you what I do and why this will benefit you, but ultimately you need to hear from the people that matter the most, my customers. Here’s what they had to say after we had worked together.

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I went to Vicki through an offer from Emma’s Diary for a free sitting and photo. I usually only go to get my free picture but this time I thought I'd take my older son and see if there were any nice pictures. I must admit she was great with both of them, specially my baby. She had him smiling for practically all the pictures and took some great ones together.

My favourite was the ones with the santa hat, Soooooo cute. After showing my husband the contact prints and him loving them all we bought the Cd with every picture on so I now have free reign to print off as many as I like for friends and family. CD is definitely worth the value!! as I couldn’t have chosen my 4 favourites.

Her studio is lovely, was nice and toasty when we went as it was a bit of a rainy cold day. There is no pressure to buy unlike other places (naming no names) which is what I liked the best. The pictures speak for themselves, Any mum that doesn’t want to purchase even a couple of the photos she does must be crazy!!:-) I would definitely go back again for more and would highly recommend Vicki rather than go to high street photographers. ~ Andrea