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As with all companies I can tell you what I do and why this will benefit you, but ultimately you need to hear from the people that matter the most, my customers. Here’s what they had to say after we had worked together.

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I have always looked at the iconic maternity pictures of Demi Moore and wish that I could look as perfect as she did, as all ladies know it's a hard time to feel pretty and the thought of being naked in front of a total stranger is a bit daunting. But on having my maternity shoot with Vicki I felt none of those things, all I felt was liberated and excited.

I was made to feel completely at ease and had a lot of fun with Vicki and I would recommend the experience to anyone.
To look back now at those pictures is a lovely feeling to know I have such a wonderful reminder of how fabulous I looked during the last few months of my pregnancy.
My daughter also had a shoot with Vicki and the results were amazing.
Thank you for everything Vicki. ~ Sally, Richard and Eadie